Friday, December 17, 2010

Oct. 5, 2010 Rosa's Law becomes a passed public law!!!

I post the following today, although this has been old news for us, because it is important news we want to share. Playing catch up on this blog I thought it was important to include this here. We are thrilled about this law and we hope that this change will spread across the world and not just nationally. People who are not affected by this ugly word do not realize the implications is has on those who are affected and the ones who love them. Changing our language can change attitude, please help to make this positive change.

What is Rosa's Law?
President Obama Signs Rosa's Law...
A law that would remove the terms "mental retardation" and "mentally retarded" from federal health, educational and labor policy and replace it with the term, "intellectual disability" and/or "individual with an intellectual disability". This law has been signed by President Obama and now becomes a public law in effect. It will take the next several years for full changes to occur, but we are still overwhelmed with satisfaction that it has happened.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-MD., the bill's sponsor stated: " For far too long we have used hurtful words like "mental retardation" or "MR" in our federal statues to refer to those living with intellectual disabilities. Rosa's Law will make a greatly-needed change that should have been made well before today-and it will encourage us to treat people the way they would like to be treated."

The language does not change the rights of individuals with disabilities but requires use of a more acceptable term. David Tolleson, Executive Director of NDSC states: " While some may view Rosa's law as nothing more than political correctness the truth is that language matters, particularly when it comes to governmental laws and policies. One simple change of wording can positively impact how lawmakers and administrators approach legislation related to individuals with disabilities."

Rosa's Law is named for Rosa Marcellino, a Maryland girl with Down Syndrome.

To read the law in its full text click on the following link.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the year for Cruz's blog. Cruz turned 4yrs old in November and I have missed out on the past few years of blogging for him. I know there are alot of you that check up on his progress and come back to see the same picture and the same post. So this is my promise to organize, collect udpates, and post regularly. At least once a week. We stay busy, so I apologize for missing updates in advance. Cruz has definitly grown, we just came home from his well visit and he is now 33lbs and 38 inches. Every morning I look at him and he looks taller. Cruz is a healthy and vibrant boy with much energy and a lot of curiosity, like any toddler. Later I will post specific issues that we are dealing with when it comes to development and the many doctor visit that we have scheduled, so please come back. I would love to see you create a log in and become a follower on this blog, leave comments and feedback, advice, or just so that I can get to know you. It is easy and takes a few minutes. Hope to have you back soon. Happy holidays from our family to yours!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sequenom's DS Test in News‏

Follow the link below to read more on the interesting updates of upcoming tests to be available to determine whether a child will be born with Down Syndrome. Science is amazing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

learning to swim this summer

Let's try this one more time. Cruz is ready with all his gear. You can never be too safe.

HE IS DOING IT! Cruz is learning to float and relax in the pool. We are so proud of you Cruz!

I'm swimming, i'm swimming!!!!! Okay so he is not really swimming, but he is definitly floating (with a little help ;) But we know this summer Cruz is going to make some big accomplishments in the pool.

Always watch your babies around water! PLEASE!"

First swim pictures of the year!

Cruz is very excited to start swimming this summer!

I'm ready!

Hmmm still to cold!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Accomplished before reaching my second birthday!!!!

Two goals accomplished! Cruz is officially walking and officially off the bottle. He stood up in early September and with some wobbling, falling down, bouncing off objects, he has perfected his walking before reaching his second birthday! We are so proud of you Cruz! He was even ready to parade his lion costume (handmade by mom- me) in time for Halloween. He still has some strength building to do in his legs so that he can stand up and stay up without the falling down every now and then, but we are working on that and for the time being he prefers walking over crawling- walking about 80% of the time. Way to go Cruz!
One of my own goals for Cruz was to get him off the bottle before his 2nd birthday; we tried sippy cups, straws, different types of training cups and all were not 100% successful in some way or another. With the suggestions of his therapists, with the research I did, and suggestions from the DSNetwork I went out and bought the training cup with the straw spout. I put away the bottle and told Cruz, "If you want this milk you'll figure it out son.". I sat him down with the cup and watched as he lied down to drink it like a bottle, sat up and sucked and sucked not getting any reward, threw it across the room, picked it back up........ I could go on and on. Finally with some more help he figured it out and very nicely sits with his cup and sips his milk like a successful toddler! He shows me over and over how much determination he has and that he is truly a fighting spirit.