Friday, September 26, 2008

Well we have done quite a bit since the last update. I took Cruz, just me and Cruz - Dad had to stay home and work, to visit the familia in Texas. It was lots of fun! Thanks Auntie Denise and Victoria and thanks to Grandpa who made sure we had a good time. I have decided that Cruz has definitely reached the end of his days as a lap child. No more trips unless he has his own seat! Good thing we are coming up on 2yrs for him!
Wednesday we went to Cruz's eye check up. We have concluded that his obstructed tear duct will need to be re-addressed with surgery. I was holding off as long as possible, but his pediatric optimologist is suggesting we schedule another probe followed by the insertion of silicone probes (more like stints that hold open the duct to allow it to stretch). The probes will stay in for approx. 6 months, unless Cruz happens to pull them out before that. OUCH! She said it does happen, and if so not to worry, the opening should be stretched far enough. hmmmmm.... I hope so.
Well, that is not the end of that though. We also learned that Cruz's eyes are beginning to cross at a downward angle. For those who see Cruz regularly; we found out why he sits with his chin to his chest a lot of the time. Because his eyes are interpreting light reflection at a downward angle his mechanical compensation is to tilt his head down so that his eyes pull upward allowing himself to correct his own binocular vision. The solution is eye muscle surgery to correct the muscles that are contributing to this problem.
I have a lot more research to do before this surgery is scheduled and a lot more questions we need answers to. I didn't want to get ahead of myself, I want to deal with one issue at a time. I am sure and confident about the surgery to clear his lacrimal ducts so we will have this done on Oct 22, 2008. The muscle surgery; still a lot to be discussed on that. Regardless I am glad that correction can be done, my heart would break for my son to know that his eyes are crossing and nothing can be done to correct it. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing!

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