Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The surgery went well!

Cruz had his first of two eye surgeries this morning. Today we did another probe to clear the obstruction of his ducts and then they inserted silicon tubes so that the ducts can stretch to avoid the obstruction from happening again. As some of you know he has already had one surgery (last year same month) to clear obstruction of his "tear" ducts. And well, it came back. Poor little guy....
He is a fighter; the surgery went well, it was 20 minutes quick and within a few hours he was home watching his noggin channel, dancing to his favorite cartoons, and spinning around on his head. There will be more tearing and some bloody tears and nose for a while, the tears will probably last until they pull the tubes out in six months. We could use your prayers that Cruz cooperates and does not do anything to pull the tubes out. We want to be sure that they stay in long enough so that ducts have the opportunity to stretch. So if all goes well he will move on to his eye muscle surgery to correct the strabismus (cross-eye). Thanks to everyone to prays for him and his good health. We applaud you Cruz!

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